Fruit and Vegetable Party

In St. Angela's we've been taking part in the Food Dude initiative. We've been making a special effort to eat fruit and vegetables everyday to help keep us healthy and give us energy. Our new Food Dude lunchboxes are filled with lots of different fruit and vegetables for break and lunch. In Junior and Senior Infants we had a Fruit and Vegetable party. We ate some of our favourite fruits and vegetables, like carrots, apples, pears and bananas, and had the chance to taste some new ones.  We ate some lovely Irish strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. We tried some cherry tomatoes and grapes from vines and ate some lovely juicy fruits too, like mango, melon, oranges and pineapple. We had so

Active Schools Week - Day Four

Ms. Daly and her Dance Mania girls started the day for us again with Wake Up Shake Up for Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Class. It was great to get up and moving! Different classes were also taking part in Jigsaw Relays. We worked in teams and we had to run to get a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, and then work together to put the jigsaw together. Fourth and Fifth Classes were coached in Spike Ball by some of the Transition Year students from St. Joseph's Secondary School (including some past pupils). Thank you very much to the girls for facilitating this great opportunity for us! Drop Everything And Dance continued today, with girls stopping in classrooms, the computer room and during Spike Ball

Active Schools Week - Day Five

We have reached day five of Active Schools Week and there's still no end to the activity involved today. Today we worked on some mindfulness and Yoga. The Hall was set up with mats and we had a chance to practise different yoga positions. We had to work in pairs for some stretches and it was great for helping build up strength and flexibility. We also took some time to relax and be mindful after a very active week for us here in St. Angela's. The Second and Third Classes had a great opportunity today too. They took part in a Fun Run around Lough Lannagh with the Third and Fourth Class pupils from St. Patrick's B.N.S. It was a 1.6km long and it was great to have so much support from Park Run

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