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 Active Home Week may be over but it's so important to keep fit and healthy

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Dear Parents/Guardians

We hope you had an enjoyable weekend and that you got to enjoy the fine weather.  Firstly I want to congratulate you on the wonderful work you are doing with your children.  We all really enjoyed the pictures of the terrific work your children have been doing and we really appreciated you sharing them with us.  This communication is key to what we are trying to achieve in these very challenging circumstances.  Please keep it up. It is very motivational and encouraging for students, parents and staff. We really miss interacting with the children and relish communication with them.  We are acutely aware that there will be days when it's a struggle to engage and there will be days when it may not be feasible at all.  Remember we fully understand this.  Nobody is to feel under pressure.  We can all only do our best on any given day.  I really thank the staff for their commitment.  There is lots of planning/consultation/learning/sharing/collaboration and communication going on behind the scenes.  This is a huge learning curve for us too!

Health and Wellbeing come first at this time.   We are here to support you.

Teachers have emailed you work for the next week and we have added to the bank of suitable web sites for each class level to support and supplement this.​  We have tried to include a mix of online and offline activities.  This week is Active Home Week replacing what should have been Active School Week.  We have put together a bank of resources on our padlets and on our new Active Home Page.  We have also included some videos of the girls to enjoy.  Memories are important to celebrate. Please check all the updated sections on this new part of our web site.

Keeping a learning routine going is a good help during these times. Children love routine. This may very likely be difficult especially during the fine weather! It's not just in your home!  We experience that too!

Try to have a set time, structured routine for schoolwork, with short, timed pieces of activity. Encourage independent learning in so far as is possible.  Keep a log of work and remember to do what you can do.  Your child's homework diary is the ideal place to keep this.  Everyone's circumstances are different and may change from day to day as time moves on.  We are all in the same boat.

Have a supply of books that your children can read independently, and books that you can read and enjoy together.  Nothing beats reading and quality time! Our teachers have put together a list of suggested reading for the ladies! It's great because they like you know their tastes so well.

Engage children in other activities like chores/baking/art/craft/walking/physical activity/oral language discussions/free writing/music/board games etc.  RTÉ's Home school hub is a great success at 11 am daily. They have provided lots of back up material here and have also begun this week to share their weekly lesson plans here.  


Please follow our web site and Twitter account @stangelasns for other hints and tips.  We will communicate via email and text also. 

While we are sharing lots of resources and even more are being shared through social media we are conscious that the volume can be overwhelming for teachers as well as parents and students.  Don't feel pressurised to do much too much.  A child's day is broken up at school by breaks and other activities and that is in a structured environment with lots of peers


We have to be realistic that many of us are juggling a lot of balls in the air.  Pick one or two things.  Don't stress and feel that your child is losing out.  They are spending real quality time with you and many of the things you have done over the last few weeks are so important for education for life.  We may never have had time to teach our children how to complete chores/cook/bake/cycle etc before this.  If you've done any of these you have made a huge difference to their lives.  As well as developing life skills you are developing memories and relationships which will last way beyond Covid-19.  Don't underestimate the power and significance of this time.

Please ensure that the school has up to date email addresses and mobile telephone numbers at which you can be contacted.  If you have changed your postal address or any details please let us know via email on This is essential.

We sincerely hope to see you all soon again.  Please tell your girls that they are missed by us all!  That is why it is so lovely to receive your feedback.  People and human relationships are at the core of our school and 'remote learning' is a new challenge to us all, personally and professionally.  We are all in this together and together we will learn.  Contact with their peers, friends, relations and teachers (even the Principal!) through traditional letter writing / postcards / email / via telephone etc. is so important.  

Beatha agus Sláinte linn go léir.  That is what matters now.

Regards to your families.

Principal & Staff

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