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Photomatix Tone Mapping Plugin Serial 11



A: The general idea is that you want to either a) do the editing in the RAW files themselves and convert them to TIFF files (e.g. with RawTherapee) and apply the tone mapping in Photoshop afterwards. This is obviously a more complicated way of going about it, but there are some tutorials around on how to do this (e.g. here). The alternative is to do the editing directly in Photoshop. If you are using CS6 or later, there is a built-in tone mapping tool. You can use this in the following way: HDR images need a few things: well-exposed background, correct exposure and a bit of contrast enhancement. If you have RAW images (or JPG images), you can get the RAW image to the stage where you have a good background by using the Tone Mapping or Exposure Fusion tools. (You can then use a JPG conversion tool to convert these to TIFF images or JPEG images, and then use a generic CMYK to RGB conversion tool to convert to CMYK images.) If you already have JPEG images, you can use Photoshop's built-in tone mapping feature to create a good background. After you have a good starting point, you can use the HDR and Exposure Fusion tools to fine-tune and create a good HDR image (where all the pixels in an image are of the same value and are very saturated). These tools will do the contrast enhancement for you. You can then use the built-in tone mapping tool to create a good-looking image. This is the process that you can use to create a good-looking, high-dynamic range image: You want to capture images at different exposures. Ideally, you should capture images that are uniformly illuminated, but that might not always be practical. When you capture these images, ensure that you use a tripod or a camera that's been mounted to a tripod (so that it stays still). You can use software such as RawTherapee or Capture One to convert your RAW images to TIFF images. In Photoshop, you can then use the tone mapping and exposure fusion tools to create a good-looking HDR image. Alternatively, you could try doing this with Photoshop, but that's a little tricky (and it's quite a complex topic). It would be more difficult than converting RAW files to TIFF files because you wouldn't get the automatic tone mapping and contrast enhancement that


Photomatix Tone Mapping Plugin Serial 11

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