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Krizz Kaliko, Genius Full Album Zip lasraif


Krizz Kaliko, Genius full album zip

Category:Genius (DJ) albums Category:2008 albums Category:Strange Music albumsQ: How to write a test case for a function with two arguments to test it with two different inputs I am trying to write a unit test for this function with unittest. However, when I run the test case, it is giving an error saying name error: name 'ind' is not defined test_power_func(ind, 2): assert power(ind, 2) == 4 Here is the code for the function: def power(x, n): if n == 0: return 1 else: return x ** n I would really appreciate any suggestions. A: Your indentation is wrong, and your function doesn't return the correct value for a negative number of the input argument. This is how I would write a test: def test_power_func(): # code #... self.assertEqual(power(1, 3), 9) #... def test_power_func_error(): # code #... self.assertEqual(power(-3, 4), -Inf) Q: Given a template parameter for a class, how do I create a different class with that template parameter for each different type? I am working on a simple library that deals with vectors, matrices, etc. It is a low-level type and I want to make sure that users can add objects to their own vector/matrix/array with methods such as set_x() or set_y() I've figured out how to get away with using templates, but that is not the way I want to go. This is the code I have: class Matrix { private: //std::vector or whatever public: //other stuff template void set_x(T x); //some more stuff }; This is the desired result: template

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Krizz Kaliko, Genius Full Album Zip lasraif

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