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Visual Studio 2017 Download Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition or Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise Edition Installation You can find the.vsix file here Then run vs_install.exe -Extension -cmd $args Problems I found these problems after upgrading from Visual Studio 2015. No Package Install After installing the Visual Micro package it won't install packages. This happens because the package script from version 1.3.4 are not compatible with Visual Studio 2017. You can see that Visual Micro is version 1.3.4 with the below line of code. var isvs2017 = System.Version.Version.ToString().Contains("2017"); var isvisualstudio2017 = System.Version.Version.ToString().Contains("2017.0.0"); If you are using Visual Studio 2017 you can either downgrade the package to version 1.3.3 or fix the package by yourself. The below 3 lines of code are the package script for Visual Studio 2017. if (isvs2017) { Script.install(Server, "Visual Micro", "1.3.3", "vmicore-arduino-editor.vsix"); } else if (isvisualstudio2017) { Script.install(Server, "Visual Micro", "1.3.3", "vmicore-arduino-editor.vsc"); } else { Script.install(Server, "Visual Micro", "1.3.3", "vmicore-arduino-editor.vsm"); } Above we can see that it is comparing if the currently installed Visual Studio version is 2017, if not then it will execute line 2. And it is always executing line 2. No Package Package Install When we execute the command Visual Studio 2017 is installing the latest version from the Github page, which in my case is Visual Micro 1.5.0. I can fix this by disabling the package from installing for Visual Studio 2017. Select Package -> Manage Packages -> Select Installed Package -> Uninstall Code Generation Visual Studio 2017 generates the following error Arduino Build Output This is an older version. Visual Studio 2017 fails to build the Arduino Core. So I had to install the Arduino Core





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