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At the Farm

In Senior Infants we have been learning about the farm. In Aistear we learn about different topics and places through play and for the past few weeks we have been experiencing the farm.

We made different farm animals, like pigs, chicks and sheep in Art.

We played with different toy animals and got to pretend to be farmers.

We planted seeds and looked at the different things that grow during springtime.

We sorted animals, fruits and vegetables and matched animals to their babies and to where they live.

We pretended to work in and visit the farmer's market and fruit and vegetable shop.

We also learned a lot of things about the farm and we know that the farm is a very busy place.

The farmer milks the cows, collects the eggs and grows lots of different plants and vegetables. They also shear the wool off the sheep and feed all the different animals. Sometimes if a tractor is broken, the farmer might have to use a horse to help out around the farm.

We know a lot about different farm animals too.

A baby cow is a calf. A baby sheep is a lamb. Baby goats are called kids and baby pigs are called piglets. A baby hen is a chick, a baby duck is a duckling and a baby goose is called a gosling.

Some of us will be visiting farms over the Easter holidays and hope to see some of these baby animals then!

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