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Senior Infants on Tour

Last Thursday Senior Infants went on tour to Kiltimagh to visit the Wetlands Park and Maghu's Castle!

When we got off the bus in Kiltimagh we went to visit the Wetlands Park first. Here we went bird watching, visited a bug hotel, learned to identify a lot of different trees and even went pond dipping too!

After exploring all the nature in the Wetlands Park we went to Maghu's Castle to play. First we played inside in the ball pit and on the soft play area and then we had our lunch; yummy chips, nuggets and sausages, with some ice-cream for dessert. Then we went to play outside in the sunshine. We climbed all over the climbing frame, tried the Zipline and slides and helped push each other on the swings.

Then it was time to go back on the bus to head back home to Castlebar, after a fun day out!

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