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CTY Ireland

The Centre for Talented Youth in DCU has asked us to bring this to your attention.

Primary School Students

CTYI provides course for primary school students between the ages of 6-13, with availability varying by location. These courses are designed to stand outside the mainstream school curriculum but also provide enrichment of this curriculum. Courses have a strong academic element, with a faster pace which gifted and talented students feel more comfortable moving at and with content students are unlikely to have accessed via school before. Our courses are delivered by lecturers, researcher, practitioners and highly able postgraduate students in the relevant fields, they feature a highly interactive environments and our tutors utilise a broad range of teaching techniques to engage students curiosity, motivation and understanding of the subject material.


Students wishing to participate in our Primary School Programme must first demonstrate high academic ability. This can be achieved through either the Young Student Assessment or by submission of an Educational Psychologist's report.

See their web site here for more information.

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