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Head Lice Management

You may already know that schools all over Ireland are experiencing an outbreak of head lice and we are no exception. For the first time in many years secondary schools are also having the same problem.

We have already this year sent out text messages and a letter to relevant classes requesting that all children be routinely checked for head lice/nits and that hair/bed linen/clothes etc. be treated to get rid of the problem once and for all.

It is necessary that we all act on this promptly.

To try to rid the school of the problem we are asking all families to inspect their children’s hair and to take appropriate action immediately. This involves fine combing and treatment if necessary.

It is very important the full treatment is carried out as most lotions require a second application a number of days after the first application. it is also really important that we carry on being vigilant and using the comb regularly throughout the school year.

We ask that all girls with long hair keep it tied up. It is important to note that head lice prefer clean hair!

The school needs everyone’s full co-operation in this matter. Read more here

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