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At the Airport

For the last few weeks in Senior Infants our Aistear theme has been the Airport. We learned a lot about the airport and we played at the airport too.

We made passports. These had a lot of information about ourselves on them, like our names, age, where we come from and what we look like.

We pretended to be passengers going on a plane. Our passports had to be checked at the check-in desk, where we were given our boarding passes. Then we went through security and our luggage had to go through the metal detector. After that the flight attendant helped us find our seats on the plane, before take off!

We used Lego, Mobilo, Poly-M and Play Doh to make planes. We made sure that they had wings and a tail. They had a cockpit for the pilot to sit in, and some even had propellers.

At our small airports we were the pilots and air traffic controllers. We looked after all the planes taking off and landing on the runway as they departed from or arrived at the airport.

We also packed suitcases for our trips. Some of us decided to travel somewhere hot so we packed shorts, t-shirts and suncream. Some of us decided to fly somewhere cold and packed coats, boots, hats and gloves.

We had a lot of fun working at our different airports!

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