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Should have gone to Specsavers? Well, we did!

Senior Infants have been learning a lot about the opticians and how important it is for us to look after our eyesight. Specsavers in Castlebar were very kind to allow Ms. English's and Ms. Gallagher's classes to visit and learn more about the different jobs that opticians do!

We were very excited to go on our walk through Castlebar, and we made sure to wear our high-visibility jackets so that we could be seen.

We had the chance to try on different types of glasses. Some of them had metal frames and nose pads, and others had plastic frames. We had a lot of fun trying to find the glasses and sunglasses that suited us best. We found out that an optician sometimes needs to measure the distance between a person's eyes to make sure that their glasses will fit them properly.

We also went to visit one of the eye test rooms. We saw the tests that the optician uses to help check if somebody is colour blind and the how they test people's eyesight. We found out that if someone doesn't know their letters yet the optician will use an eye test with pictures instead.

Then we also went to visit the lab, where glasses are made. We saw the special lenses that are used and the machine that cuts the pieces of glass to the right size. We even got to look at the microscope that the optician uses to make sure the glasses are made correctly before they are given to the customer.

We had a fantastic time visiting the opticians and learned a lot. Thank you very much to Niamh and all the staff in Specsavers, Castlebar for a great day out!

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