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Active Schools Week - Day Two

Another busy and exercise-filled day for all in St. Angela's as part of Active Schools Week 2018.

Ms. Daly and her extra-curricular Dance Mania girls performed for Junior Infants to Second Class and also led them in some dances for Wake Up Shake Up! We were all wide awake after that!

Classes were busy with the Hulahoopathon too! We have very talented girls who can spin and twirl hula hoops around their waists, arms, legs and even necks!

We were aiming far with our Infants classes practising how far they can throw and our Senior girls taking part in a Puc Fáda challenge - we might have some Mayo camogie All-Stars in the future!

Well done to Ms. Coleman and our committee members, Nicole and Mischa, for their great interviews on CRC fm today, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle!

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