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Active Schools Week - Day Five

We have reached day five of Active Schools Week and there's still no end to the activity involved today.

Today we worked on some mindfulness and Yoga. The Hall was set up with mats and we had a chance to practise different yoga positions. We had to work in pairs for some stretches and it was great for helping build up strength and flexibility. We also took some time to relax and be mindful after a very active week for us here in St. Angela's.

The Second and Third Classes had a great opportunity today too. They took part in a Fun Run around Lough Lannagh with the Third and Fourth Class pupils from St. Patrick's B.N.S. It was a 1.6km long and it was great to have so much support from Park Run Ireland, The Mayo Sports Partnership, the Mayo Education Centre and of course the parents and families of our pupils. The Fifth Class girls also helped out as stewards too. Thank you to the teachers, SNAs, principals, staff members and pupils of both schools who helped to make this event such a brilliant success!

Our Active Schools Week is coming to an end, but we will continue to keep active at school and remembering our motto: Be Wise and Exercise!

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