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A WOW Science Week 2020

We were blown right to the moon and back with the energy and enthusiasm shown by the students and staff this week in St Angela’s for Science Week.

From designing and making, to electrical circuits, materials and change as well as floating on air, we covered all the strands and strand Units of the Science curriculum in a fun and practical way.

The girls learned so much from their experiences this week and some have even designed their own rockets to bring them to the moon as they were inspired so much by meeting Mayo’s own Norah Patten last year.

The DES could also chat to them about their Schools of the Future projects and we are sure that could learn a thing or two about what the children would like to see provided in their schools.

Science doesn’t just happen in St Angela’s during Science Week but we are sure that the memories created during this week will remain with the girls in the years to come and inspire them in their chosen careers whatever they may be.


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