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Creative Schools Week

Creative Schools Week is taking place from 10th-14th May. This a celebration of creativity in schools which includes both In-School Celebrations and Online Celebrations.

Tune in to the Online Celebrations which will feature on the Arts Council's website here, from Wednesday 12th - Friday 14th May at 12pm. The shows will highlight work from a selection of Creative Schools, as well as workshops, interviews and features across a wide range of different artists and arts and cultural organisations.

Schools highlighted are a representation of the over 460 schools who have participated in the Creative Schools initiative since 2018 and were selected following a competitive process open to those participants.

We are delighted that our school's submission is scheduled to feature in Episode 3, which will launch on Thursday 13th May.

The theme for CSW is Brave New Future, celebrating our children and young people’s courage in the face of a tough year, and looking forward towards a bright future.


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