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Students' Council 2021/2022

Congratulations to the ladies who are representing 3rd to 6th Class on our Students' Council. Thanks to Ms Spelman, Ms Goggins and Ms Kilkenny for organising and mentoring them.

The Wellbeing Committee here has an important job for them as we prepare for our Countdown to Christmas.

What does a student council do?

Establishing a Student Council within a primary school allows the students to become actively involved in the management of the school.

The students work in partnership with the school management, staff and parents in order to collectively identify ways in which the school management can be developed to impact the benefit of the school for both its staff and students.

This enhanced communication helps to promote a school environment which is conducive to educational and personal development, whilst also promoting leadership, independence, growth and respect.

Student voice should be recognised within the school environment and developing a dynamic Student Council acknowledges this.


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