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Establishing a Student Council within a primary school allows the students to become actively involved in the management of the school.


The students work in partnership with the school management, staff and parents in order to collectively identify ways in which the school management can be developed to impact the benefit of the school for both its staff and students.


This enhanced communication helps to promote a school environment which is conducive to educational and personal development, whilst also promoting leadership, independence, growth and respect.


Student voice should be recognised within the school environment and developing a dynamic Student Council acknowledges this.


3rd class Ms. Heaney - Andrea Barrett & Chelsea Ward

3rd class Ms. Kelly - Sara Strozycka & Greta Mensaite

4th class Ms. Gallagher - Ava Dillon & Anna Sunny

4th class Mr. Staunton - Milan Kaur Bains & Marley Earls

5th class Ms. Foy - Evie Shimozato & Miya Rumley

5th class Ms. Cogan - Paulina Kopoyto & Ellie Cusack

6th class Ms. Moran - Sophie Lally & Aisling Forkan

6th class Ms Healy - Nicole Kilkenny & Tala Alhasan

Students' Council 2021 / 2022

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