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A Fun Day With Fred, the Party Professor

We had a very special visitor to St. Angelas. Fred, the Party Professor came to the school to do some shows for Junior and Senior Infants, and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Classes!

We were all very excited to meet him!

Fred did some juggled basketballs, hoola-hoops, bats and even knives (some of them at the same time too)!

He showed us some magic tricks using cards, blackboards and a silk hankerchief and some optical illusions using a spinning disc.

Then we got to hear some Fred play us some music on lots of different tiny instruments, including a trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, recorder, flute and tin whistle!

We had a really lovely day and it was brilliant show! We'd like to thank Fred for coming to visit and our great Parents Association for organising this fantastic event!

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