Celebrating with St Joseph's

What an uplifting celebration we shared with St Joseph's SS yesterday for Mercy Day. So much thought and effort went into the ceremony and we were both honoured and delighted to partake. Special Thanks to Fr Dixie and Fr John also and most especially to the school community in St Joseph's and in particular to Ms McHugh and Ms McCabe for including us so meaningfully.

Extra Curricular Activities 2018/2019

Wow! What can we say? Thanks to the staff members who give of their talents and gifts so generously to impart their expertise to the very fortunate pupils here. We firmly believe that through this and the Rainbows Support programme which will be facilitated here later in the year that we are in a unique and fortunate position to impart a whole new set of skills to the ladies and to ensure their full development in a very holistic and social way. This is only possible because of the kindness and effort of those offering the classes! The spirit of mercy lives on in St Angela's! If your child is interested in any of the above classes please find the form which is gone home in schoolbags today

Mercy Day September 24th, 2018

Today we honour Mercy Day and this year we are delighted to be joining with our neighbours, St Joseph's SS to celebrate with a Mass in the Church of the Holy Rosary at 12 pm. Mercy Day remembers the opening of the first 'House of Mercy' on this date in 1827 on Baggot Street in Dublin. You can read more about Catherine Mc Auley, a lady who dedicated her life to the poor, sick and the educationally disadvantaged, in some of the links below. Her ethos, vision and mission continue to inspire many people in their work in 2018. 20 Facts about Catherine Mc Auley here. Read more about the Sisters of Mercy in Ireland here. There are some videos about the life of Catherine Mc Auley here and here

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