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Senior Infants on Tour

Last Thursday Senior Infants went on Tour to Kiltimagh. Ms. English and Ms. Gallagher's classes waved goodbye to Mammies and Daddies from the Library carpark and went off on an adventure!

First we visited the Kiltimagh Wetlands Park. Here we met a little baby wren that had fallen out of a tree and needed some help getting back to its Mammy.

After that we split up into different groups and went to explore the Wetlands. We identified a lot of different trees around the park, like the Ash, Scot's Pine and Holly. We went bird watching too and saw some Wagtails and Chaffinches.

We also went on a Bug Safari and tried to find lots of different mini-beasts in the plants and rocks. We saw a lot of woodlice, slugs, snails and spiders.

There also a chance to go pond-dipping. We saw some red and blue dragonflies and even some fish in the pond. Then we searched with nets for other things we could find in the pond. We saw water scorpions, boatmen, slugs and even a tadpole! He was growing legs and will some become a frog!

After all our adventures in the Wetlands we got back on the bus and went to visit Maghu's Castle. We ate our delicious lunches of chips, chicken nuggets and sausages, and even had a treat of some ice-cream to help us cool down on a very hot day.

Then it was playtime. It was great to play together with all the different girls in Senior Infants. We were on the slides and in the ball pit. We were building and creating with lego and playing house too. We went to the playground too! It was great to swing, slide, zip wire and climb in the lovely sunshine outside!

Then it was time to collect up all our bags and jumpers and get back on the bus to Castlebar, after a great day out!

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