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Internet Safety & Cyberbullying Talk

Dear Parents / Guardians

We are very pleased to announce that we are hosting a talk on Cyber Bullying and Internet Safety for Parents, here in the school on Wednesday, 6th November at 7 pm.

In today’s technology-rich environment most of us feel woefully inadequate when it comes to knowing what our children are really experiencing when they use the internet. This is normal and to be expected. However, as parents we have a fundamental duty of care for our children, and unfortunately that means getting a grasp of the things that our children are experiencing on line.

The talk is being delivered by Jeremy Pagden, the Managing Director of Schools Websites. Jeremy has been travelling all over the country delivering Internet Safety talks to both Parents and children alike. The topics covered during the session are as follows:

  • Cyber bullying

  • Social Media & The Law

  • Gaming and Internet Addiction

  • Fortnite & Gamification

  • Social Media Privacy, Issues & Challenges

  • The motivation behind large Social Media Companies

  • Types of Internet Theft

  • Browser History

  • Safe use of apps

  • Safe Searching on You Tube

  • Safety settings on your home Wifi

  • Useful Resources

“The topics covered were relevant and presented in a very positive and informative manner. The use of practical examples of real-life scenarios, made it easy to understand the potential risks that exist for our children on the internet, mobile phones and tablets. More importantly, we were given incredibly useful tips that we as parents can use to help protect our children. After completing the training, I felt empowered and more confident to make better choices to keep my children safe while they are using the different technologies available to them. I would highly recommend this course - an invaluable resource for all parents” – Elaine, Parents’ Association member, Carrowholly NS

I feel that not only will this be incredibly useful to you, it is vital that you attend. To reserve a place please fill out the slip below and return it as soon as possible to the school. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

Ms. Nessa Maloney - Principal

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