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Dance Timetable

Beginning this week we are continuing our Creative Arts Programme with Dance Classes with our designated dance instructor Marcela who will be facilitating dance sessions over the coming months.

The main name of the programme is Zumba which combines Latin & International rhythms. 

The Seniors will be doing Salsa which originates In Cuba.

The Juniors will be doing a Reggae which originates in Jamaica. 

Then all the groups will learn a modern merengue song dance which originates in the

Dominican Republic. 

The point of the Creative Schools programme is to bring as much contact with the arts, as possible, into schools to encourage young students to participate in multiple art forms. As well as an ongoing dance project, which will facilitate all students in the school, we have decided to include relating art activities into the school curriculum as much as possible. There are also many obvious other curricular opportunities here e.g. SESE, Music, SPHE etc. We thank Mary Curran for coordinating this for us but most especially we are sincerely grateful to Ms Gráinne Healy for leading this in our school, ably helped by her Creative Arts team and committees of teachers and students.


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